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November 03, 2009



I agree and especially with brand being more than a logo, and in this case a name. Unfortunately, Kraft focused on name alone with a short-term marketing tactic at the expense of a brand that they've spent years building equity in.

They started the right way, garnering Australian opinion was important - it is their brand. But to dismiss it to capitalise on cheap publicity was a bit of a slap in the face.

Anne Sorensen (Marketing Is Us)

Thanks so much for your comment brandhabits. Did you know that Vegemite was named from the public so the naming competition for iSnack 2.0 continued this tradition. I believe they didn't balance the public input with greater strategy. If they had integrated the short term tactic into larger strategy and not made the short term tactic the entire strategy ..it might have been more successful. It certainly will be part of marketing folklore. Take care.

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